Up-Selling For UK Pool Owners

A new retrofit sales brochure from Golden Coast, is inspiring Britain’s estimated 215,000 private pool owners to upgrade their pools with green technologies and the UK’s many installers to profit from this often overlooked market. Entitled ‘Ideas and Inspiration For Improving Your Pool’, it takes the form of a glossy, full-colour brochure that focuses largely on making pools more eco-friendly and energy efficient. This latest marketing tool from Golden Coast will help pool suppliers take full advantage of the up-selling opportunities available. The brochure can be branded – free of charge – with the supplier’s own logo – immediately equipping businesses with customer-facing literature specifically developed to encourage customers to upgrade. “Through our more than 35 years serving the industry, we’ve learned that any pool can be improved,” says Golden Coast’s Managing Director Jamie Adams. “For installers, the need to replace worn or inefficient equipment – together with owners’ desires to enhance their experience through additional or better features – means that pools can and should continue to be a source of income long after initial installation. “Alongside these drivers; there’s an ever-growing trend towards making everything ‘greener’ and the closely linked incentive to reduce energy bills, water consumption and other ongoing costs. This means that it should be very easy to sell things like automatic and solar-powered pool covers, MultiCyclone prefilter units, solar heating, heat pumps and LED lighting – as long as pool owners know about them,” explains Jamie Adams…up selling for uk pool owners

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