Water Treatment Switch Like Bathing In Silk

The multi-award winning team at Rio Pools is the latest company to test the waters of Dryden Aqua’s Integrated System, reporting outstanding results. Rio Pools have been so impressed with the DA-GEN, DAISY+ system that they now plan to specify it as standard practice on all future projects.

The Rio Pools team was asked to design and install a 20m x 5m vanishing edge swimming pool in the grounds of a residential property in the Cotswolds. The Riviera pool was to be built on the site of a disused pond, located at the top of a valley.

In terms of water treatment, Rio Pools opted for the DAISY+ system, which was in line with the client’s desire to use an alternative to chlorine.

Rio Pools have been so impressed with the DAISY+ system that they now plan to specify it as standard practice on all future projects.



Wayne Bateman of Rio Pools explains: “We had previously installed the DAISY on an existing pool and were really impressed with the results. This was our first new build project to use the system and it has surpassed our expectations.

“The pool is run on just 0.2 ppm of chlorine. This is similar levels of chlorine you expect in drinking water. Not only that, there is a softness to the water and the client has commented that it is almost like swimming in silk. This combined with the highly polished surface of the Riviera pool means there is no calcium or biofilm build-up.”

Traditional water treatment avoids disease transmission by using more and more chlorine, UVc irradiation or ozone. However, the transmission of pathogens is a biological problem. Instead of using more powerful disinfectants, Dryden Aqua’s DAISY system changes the water to make it difficult for bacteria and parasites to live and to reproduce.

As a result of the bio-resistant AFM® bacteria have no substrate on which they can grow and multiply. Bacteria is removed through advanced coagulation, flocculation and filtration. In fact, DAISY filters almost everything out of the water and reduces the chlorine demand to the lowest level possible.

The lower the chlorine oxidation demand, the lower the concentration of chlorine disinfection by-products in the water and in the air. Jimmy Lamb of Pollet Pool Group, Dryden Aqua’s sole distributor of swimming pool products in the UK comments: “The brains behind this technology have spent years developing the system and have approached pool water treatment from a biological perspective rather than what we have done since year dot and tackled pool water treatment with chemistry.

“The primary focus of Dryden Aqua and the DAISY is to provide clean safe water and air for pool owners and operators. An added benefit is the cost savings that can be made through conserving water, energy and chemicals” says Jimmy.

He adds: “I’m really excited about the possibilities this refreshing approach to pool care offer us, the trade and pool operators alike throughout the UK. The potential of ‘swimming in drinking water’ has a massive appeal to the end user.”


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