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With a huge number of pools being installed every year and 25 years of experience, NIVEKO is in an almost unique position to observe buying patterns. The current trend on the European markets is to combine a wide variety of materials and colours in the garden, the company advise. “Natural granite in the most striking patterns and shades, in a choice of textures, are the ideal complement for accentuating the entrance to your customer’s pool or even expressing their own individuality and taste,” says NIVEKO’s Simon Janca.

“Although there are a couple of ever-popular types that come off the NIVEKO production line every month, the team is finding that customers are becoming more and more demanding. “One might say that the market is increasingly seeing bold potential pool buyers who are only willing to work with manufacturers that make custom pools. These are, when all is said and done, highly individualised pools that differ from the standard shapes and designs. From descending or multi-level bottoms, roller shafts built into the pool bottom and fully integrated wellness zones with massage jets through to physiotherapy pools for dogs, are just a few of the interesting projects handled by the NIVEKO workshop.

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The specially-modified hightech plastic material used in the production of NIVEKO pools, are adapted as precisely as possible to the requirements specific to this type of production, thus enabling, for example, practically invisible joins, as well as bending material and precise preparation for CNC processing. NIVEKO materials also feature the important properties that are crucial especially for you, the user: resistance to UV radiation, chlorine, damage.

Added value includes the company’s skilled manual workforce – fitting and installing built-in features, as well as pre-delivery testing and the strictest final quality controls. Available in the UK via Certikin, NIVEKO have a trained network of business partners to take customers through the whole selection process in as simple process as possible. They can advise customers on feasible variants and which could be the right blend for each client. “If clients are still unsure, they can come and take a look at our showroom, where we will be glad to present all the pools we offer in as much detail as you need,” Simon explains. “There are no limits to your imagination – all that remains is to make your customers’ dreams come true.”


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