THERE HAS NEVER BEEN a better time to step up your pool and spa heat pump sales.


The case for pool and spa heat pumps has never been stronger… With the cost of energy at the forefront of everyone’s minds, there are just three words to some up the current status of the heat pump market: Sell, sell and sell some more! There has never been a better time to approach customers […]

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THE PIONEERING SMART POOL, from Certikin, can be customised to suit all brands of pool equipment and applications


Pool maintenance can be a headache, and as more systems are added, it becomes a complex task — which can mean more time and money needed to keep everything working its best. Luckily, Golden Coast and Certikin offer state-of-the-art solutions to simplify the process and make it stress- free. By attaching GC PoolCop to plant […]

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GOLDEN COAST has seen a boom in its tubhub range of accessory spa products.


Golden Coast has welcomed new staff to increase its customer support as sales of their tubhub collection continue to soar. Golden Coast’s tubhub range is believed to be Europe’s largest collection of spa accessories. It covers every aspect of ownership, from maintenance and cleaning to comfort and entertainment. As the latest addition to the Technical […]

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RECOTHERM IS A COMPANY with some 35 years experience in pool environment control and specialising in swimming pool ventilation units.


Emily Martin checks out the eco benefits of heat pumps… In a world becoming increasingly and urgently conscious of the environment, energy-efficient solutions like heat pumps have never been hotter news. With a 30-year history in water leisure, heat pumps are hardly new wave – no pun intended. Still widely considered to be the eco-friendly […]

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Pool COP


Modern pool management is all about making processes as efficient and easy as possible. With this in mind, one of the most innovative products on the market is the GC PoolCop – a smart pool management system that remotely monitors every aspect of a pool. It consists of a Valve Data Unit that is installed […]

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PAIRED its counter
current offering with
its Luxe Pool as a
perfect match.


The dazzling potential of counter current units… You can be forgiven for being dazzled by the sheer spectrum of product choice available when it comes to counter current systems for both residential and commercial pool markets. The one thing all distributors agree upon is the recognition of the recent stampede in demand – and they […]

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For add-on sales, InSPAration offers a choice of 36 fragrances including spa liquids and crystals


Creating a luxury hot tub experience means paying attention to detail and picking the right accessories can make all the difference. The Visionlift hot tub cover lifter from Golden Coast keeps the cover out of sight by positioning it to the back of the spa where it rests on the deck or patio — giving […]

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Adam Clark

POOL PEOPLE – Adam Clark

Adam Clark, Sales Director, went straight in at the deep end (pun intended) when he joined  in March 2012, and says he has been living the dream ever since… WHAT HAS CHANGED IN YOUR EIGHT YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY? I’ve seen a quite a lot of change in a short time, but the one thing […]

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smart tech_ 1

JUST ONE CLICK – Smart Technology

Smart technology in the pool industry… With smart phones and devices at its very core, technology is now inherent within all aspects of everyday modern life, relied upon to make tasks faster and easier with the combined effect of increased convenience. In parallel, every industry from travel to property to finance are embracing technology to […]

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