CHRIS CARR presents ISPE’s Back To Basics seminar.


With live events getting back to normal again now, following a pause for the summer season, the next ISPE Seminar will take place at the Ship Hotel, Weybridge, Surrey, another new venue for ISPE, on Tuesday 18th October this year. Following this, the Institute returns to the Walton Park Hotel, Clevedon, North Somerset on Tuesday […]

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The inside of a balance tank that has just been constructed, showing inlet pipes for pool water supply
and the drop pipes from the transfer channel. Pic: Devin Consulting.

Maintaining Deck Level Balance

Balance tanks are a necessary element in decklevel pools. They ensure that the pool water remains at the optimum level for effective surface water removal under all operating conditions. Their design and maintenance are critical. There are three operating levels that must be considered in balance tank design. Firstly the maximum water level in the […]

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