Tragic cases of drowning usually attract headline news.

Raising Awareness of Entrapment Dangers

With the school summer holidays in full swing, a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of some swimming pools is being supported by the distributors of a leading pool safety release system. Every year incidents of so-called ‘entrapment’ – where limbs and other body parts are caught via strong suction from drains at the […]

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UK hot tub suppliers are strongly emphasising that entrapment cases are extremely rare
and the vast majority of UK hot tubs pose no risk

Industry Reassurance on Holiday Hot Tubs

Following an entrapment incident involving a five-year-old British boy while on holiday in South Africa, UK hot tub suppliers are strongly emphasising that such cases are extremely rare and the vast majority of UK hot tubs pose no risk. In April, Sam Leathes was holidaying with his family when he became trapped underwater in the […]

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Family at the swimming pool, sitting on the edge, underwater photo of legs

Water Leisure, On Crest Of A Wave

A successful year for many, 2015 got off to a good start with an extended spring season and the early onset of summer, which put a spring in the step of many water treatment suppliers. Service and maintenance businesses in the residential pool sector were also hard pressed to cope with demand as pool owners […]

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Boom But Beware Bust

The pool and spa sectors breathed a collective sigh of relief as a combination of warmer and drier weather, together with an improved economic outlook, boosted consumer confidence and corresponding pool and spa sales. Portable hot tubs were the biggest winners of 2014 with across the board reports of sales increases around 20% plus. So […]

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When Going Green Is Good For Pools

Customer demand for more environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient, pool maintenance products has led to Jetform Swimming Pools converting half of its 250 residential and commercial maintenance customers to Zeoclere30 filtration media within weeks of stocking it. Based in Essex and working all over the London and the home counties, Jetform is an award winning high-end pool construction […]

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Msi Extends Its Global sales Team

UK-based Mineral Supplies International (MSi)has confirmed the appointment of Victoria Plompen-Philip as director of European sales with responsibility for Belgium, Holland and Germany. Involved in the European pool industry for 12 years, Victoria has witnessed the growth of MSi brands such as Zeoclere30, Jolly Gel, Clear ‘n Clean in addition to a range of own-label products. “The beauty of products such as Jolly Gel and Zeoclere is that they offer high performing, no problem products so once the customer has bought, they are highly likely to come back for more,”

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Zeoclere Adds Finland Flag To Global Map

Already a popular choice for its problem-solving capabilities in the commercial pool sector, Zeoclere 30, the alternative pool and spa filter media to standard sand, is gaining an ever-increasing following in residential pools and not just in the UK. Zeoclere’s parent distributor company, Mineral Supplies International, recently added Finland to its global distribution network and […]

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Micallef Pools Are The Pride Of Malta

Some 40 years since he officially opened the company showroom in
the heart of island, Certikin founder, Bob Kent, now of MSi, returned
to Malta to meet up with his old friends, Charles and Mary Micallef,
founders of the Charles Micallef Swimming Pool Company.

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A Nation Of Shopkeepers

With 60% of MSI’s business now undertaken overseas, Bob Kent is
passionate about the potential for more UK-based businesses to
follow his lead – practicing what he preaches.

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