Mathew Smith, of Lovibond Tintometer, one of the Mega-Demo team

ISPE Celebrates SPATEX Success

SPATEX 2019 saw 22 ISPE-organised workshops, covering a huge range of topics, and of the 22 sessions, a whopping 18 of them were either new titles, new speakers, or both. 2019 also saw the return of the ISPE Mega- Demos. Over two of the three days of SPATEX, Colin Day, FISPE, together with Matthew Smith […]

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Call To Ban Children From UK Commercial Spas And Hot Tubs

A leading American politician is proposing a ban on the use of hot tubs and spas by children at hotels, health clubs, resorts, and other commercial establishments. The leader of the New Jersey Senate, Steve Sweeney, says the ban would apply to anyone under the age of 17. He has decided to sponsor legislation after talking to cardiologists who told him the water temperature in hot tubs is a heath risk for younger people. “Hot tubs normally run at 105 degrees and it’s just bad for children.

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