THE NECESSARY ELEMENTS for the training of swimming pool technical staff are defined in PWTAG’s code of practice.


Swimming pool operators must comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the associated regulations. That means a proper risk assessment of risks to workers and users. These risks will be particular to the pool but should certainly involve observing the detailed guidance from the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group, which […]

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Zero-depth splash pads can offer holiday parks the ‘wow’ factor and can provide the ideal tool for attracting and retaining guests.
Pic: Ustigate Waterplay.

A Bigger Splash

Come rain or shine, water play provides hours of fun for bathers of all ages. From thrilling head-to-toe splashes to gentle sprays and fine mists, aquatic play features go a long way in enhancing the guest experience at holiday parks. Through smart design and a good selection of features, any holiday park can create an […]

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Cryptosporidium was found in the water at Cocks Moors Woods
Leisure Centre.

Cryptosporidium Forces Double Pool Closure

Two Birmingham swimming pools were forced to close following a number of cases of the cryptosporidiosis diarrhoea and vomiting bug. Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre was initially closed in June for thorough cleaning after a customer accidently defecated in the water. As a precaution, Northfield Leisure Centre was also closed. West Midlands Health Protection Team […]

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Reaping Revolutionary Rewards

Offering payback within three to five years and suitable for most types of commercial pools, ceramic microfiltration is a state of the art technology that offers a number of advantages over more traditional methods such as sand and glass. As well as improved water quality, the CMF system offers many cost savings for potential new […]

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A Question Of UV Balance

Ultraviolet radiation is a secondary disinfection process, used alongside a primary disinfectant, usually chlorine, in swimming and spa pools. It is recommended by PWTAG, both for its capacity to reduce chloramines and kill microorganisms – including chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium. Its use can reduce the chlorine residual levels necessary to keep pool water healthy. It is important […]

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A landmark year for Colin Day as he is made a Fellow of the
Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers.

All In A Day’s Work For Colin

The Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers recently awarded its highest honour of a Fellowship to Lovibond Tintometer’s Colin Day. John Cheek, the new president of ISPE told members at the recent Hemel Hempstead seminar: “Fellowships are within the gift of the council and may be awarded to individuals for their contribution to the industry. “Colin […]

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Good hygiene including pre-swim showering will help combat the
threat of cryptosporidium outbreaks.

Biggest Pool & Spa Threat

Up to a thousand pool and spa users annually suffer the nasty sickness and diarrhoea illness, cryptosporidiosis. Outbreaks occur when the gut-living Cryptosporidium oocysts responsible are not killed by normal disinfectant levels. Just one oocyst can infect, and millions are released if diarrhoea from a sufferer gets into the pool. You firstly guard against Cryptosporidium […]

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Overnight Success

It has only taken about 40 years for UV to enjoy its overnight success, as Ashleigh Mackenzie reports… Offering efficient disinfection, cost savings, quick return on investment and improved bathing quality, it is no wonder that almost half of the UK’s commercial pools have now opted for ultraviolet as their preferred method of water treatment. […]

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