BOLOGNA’S FORUMPISCINE typically attracts 6,000 visitors


Book your inspirational European show dates… If you are looking for inspiration for your business and fresh ideas to wow your customers, then a trip to one or more of the forthcoming European trade shows is sure to pay a huge return on investment. Energy efficiency and sustainability are the core themes of Interbad, to […]

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THE NIVEKO PHILOSOPHY is all about reflecting the customer’s individuality.


In 1995 Niveko launched what is known nowadays as the standard skimmer type pool. In 2008 they took a bold step in a different direction when they presented their unique overflow trough developed at Niveko. This innovation steered the monopool market into a new era of design. In-depth technological studies and growth resulted in the […]

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EXCEEDING PART L REGS, the Polypool heat retention panel system is ideal for both residential and commercial projects.


Polypool searches for more UK trade partners… Offering insulated panels that are eight times more efficient at retaining heat than your average double-glazed window, the Polypool system packs a powerful punch when it comes to energy busting sales messages. Most importantly, customers, who have made the decision to buy, don’t have to be waiting months […]

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