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Every day is a school day with water treatment benefits like DAISY… Without hesitation, Richard Bishop, MISPE, the founder of Aquathermae aquatic sports and hydrotherapy specialists, recommends the bespoke DAISY water treatment training. DAISY is a highly effective glass filter media, provided by Dryden Aqua through its UK and Ireland distributors, PPG. The activated filter […]

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ABOVE: The Daisy disinfection system results in a safer, more pleasant environment for bathers.

Moving Water Is Safe Water!

All too often, chemicals are blamed for poor water quality when in fact the root cause is, more often than not, insufficient filtration. If a domestic pool owner only runs their pool pump for a few hours a day, they are relying far too much on the disinfectant (e.g. chlorine) in the water to keep […]

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Water Treatment Switch Like Bathing In Silk

The multi-award winning team at Rio Pools is the latest company to test the waters of Dryden Aqua’s Integrated System, reporting outstanding results. Rio Pools have been so impressed with the DA-GEN, DAISY+ system that they now plan to specify it as standard practice on all future projects. The Rio Pools team was asked to […]

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