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MSI has campaigned for years to get the hotel tourism sector to accept the risks posed by swimming pool drain entrapment. A company spokesperson said: “It’s a tragedy that three members of the Diya family died in the same pool incident, and it’s also a travesty the family has not been given access to the […]

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Trap 1

Ticking Time Bombs

The alarming increase in the number of media reports on entrapment accidents, highlights the fear that many pools and spas remain unsafe ticking time bombs for unsuspecting swimmers. The danger is escalated when you realise how poorly management and lifeguards at many holiday resorts and hotels are trained to avoid entrapment risks. There are hundreds […]

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A four-year-old British girl is
recovering in hospital after being sucked
into a spa fi lter at a hotel complex in

Hidden Entrapment Danger Strikes Again

A four-year-old British girl is recovering in hospital after being sucked on to a spa filter at a hotel complex in Bulgaria. The little girl’s mother fought to free her daughter, Isabella, after her bottom became trapped by the vacuum. Thankfully, doctors were able to save Isabella’s life. She is now recovering from severe injuries […]

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There are estimated to be at least a million pools across Europe
with single main drains. Pic for example purposes only.

Hidden Risk Is Ticking Time Bomb

In July this year, tragedy struck when an 11 year old boy, on holiday with his family in the Dordogne, France drowned in a public pool. The boy’s leg had become trapped by fierce suction from the only main drain. The pool had recently undergone refurbishment. Sadly, it had not been fitted with a second […]

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