june 18

Minimalistic Elegance Of German Pool

The modern house of this property broker’s young family is situated in a quiet part of a residential neighbourhood in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. For this family, swimming is an active way to relax, which, with their own indoor pool, is something they can enjoy every day. The stylish residence, which they […]

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Upon commencing the refurbishment project, the Grayfox team applied a Mapilastic tanking material and tiled the pool with Waxman Niebla tiles.

New Beginnings

During the double dip recession, refurbishment and service contracts provided the life blood for the residential pools sector. While the new build market is now improving, refurbishments in both residential and commercial pool sectors, still continue to provide steady revenue for many of the UK’s core pool and spa businesses. Whether it is updated designs, […]

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Home Pools Boost From Olympic 2012 Legacy

Since the end of the London 2012 games, one sport which seems to have particularly captured the nation’s eye is swimming, which according to reports from commercial swimming pools all over the country, has already seen a rise in numbers of participants. Britain will reap the benefits of hosting the 2012 games for years to […]

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