Parched Britain Sparks Hose Pipe Ban Fears

Parts of Britain could be braced for a summer of hosepipe bans after experts warned residents in Southern England to use their water wisely. Despite heavy downpours in May, water levels across the UK have slumped to below average, as fears over a drought hitting parts of southern England grow, following unseasonably warm weather this […]

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Pool And Spa Businesses Urged To Challenge Water Authority Advice

Water companies that are about to impose a hose pipe ban in drought-affected areas of England, are misleading pool and spa businesses and their customers about the ban’s potential impact. Advice, being given by the water authorities themselves, that hot tubs cannot be filled after April 5, is both misinformed and factually incorrect. Contrary to advice being issued, hot tubs and the filling of newly constructed swimming pools are not affected by hose pipe bans.

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