The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group sets the record straight on peeing in the swimming pool.

Peeing In The Pool: The Facts

‘Is it true that if you pee in a pool on the continent the water turns purple around you?’ That was just one of the questions asked of PWTAG on the radio last month. PWTAG chair Janice Calvert, getting towards the end of her dozen interviews on national and local radio that morning, was able […]

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PWTAG’s members and technical advisers include most specialist organisations with an interest in pool water treatment and pool users.

Change Prompts PWTAG Drive

Three decades on from its inception, Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) is making some important organisational changes. The election of Janice Calvert as Chair and Ralph Riley as Vice Chair at the recent AGM signalled a new emphasis on boosting membership and increasing the independent organisation’s influence in the pool sector. One key to […]

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