MANY HEATSTAR TECHNICAL requests can be answered by the machine’s QR code reader system.


By using QR codes, Heatstar is helping its customers to easily access essential product technical information with the aim of faster troubleshooting. In the future, the specialists in highly efficient swimming pool climate control systems also plan to expand the service to include information regarding spare parts. The new QR code label Heatstar have implemented […]

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RECOTHERM IS A COMPANY with some 35 years experience in pool environment control and specialising in swimming pool ventilation units.


Emily Martin checks out the eco benefits of heat pumps… In a world becoming increasingly and urgently conscious of the environment, energy-efficient solutions like heat pumps have never been hotter news. With a 30-year history in water leisure, heat pumps are hardly new wave – no pun intended. Still widely considered to be the eco-friendly […]

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