A luxury pool is one that exceeds the standard functional requirements of a normal pool in a bid to create a bespoke and personal addition to a
building. Pic: Grayfox Swimming Pools.

Driving Force

Across the world we are seeing some outstanding and sometimes outlandish projects popping up. Take, for instance, Sky Habit apartment complex in Singapore with a pool suspended between two buildings 100m from the ground. Here in London a developer is seeking planning permission to build a huge transparent pool between two blocks at Embassy Gardens. […]

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Movie Magic

This sleek subterranean pool with a moving floor is one of many custom-designed features built at a multi-million pound luxury London property modelled on the famous Maison de Verre in Paris. Jamie Smith, Managing Director at London Swimming Pool Company said: “While space is not an issue at the sumptuous property, a pool with a […]

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