Clean Sweep

A new addition for SCP in 2017 is the latest in the POOLSTYLE range of robotic cleaners by Maytronics/Dolphin. This new cleaner is suitable for smaller pools up to a maximum of 8m in length and features a 15m cable. The POOLSTYLE Plus will clean the floor and wall of the pool in a cycle […]

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Astral LED

LumiPlus Advantages

LED technology has made great advances in the past few years and electronic components that run on DC have taken over, as they are far more effi cient and cheaper to run. The new LumiPlus DC PAR56 V1 & V2 range bring a reduction in potential failures as lights are less affected by voltage drops […]

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WT5 Paramount

Traffic Lights

Paramount is introducing the new LED UNIVERSAL Light for replacing Adagio/Savi type lights. The WT5 has been designed to screw into a dedicated 1.5” BSP type inlet (concrete or liner) making it an adaptable and diverse replacement for existing lights. The range is available in red, green, blue or white and the WT5 faceplate is […]

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Hard or Soft

EU phosphate directives still apply when it comes to requirements to add phosphate to water supplies, significantly reducing lead and copper levels to our drinking water. Increased phosphate levels in water supply have a significant impact on source water for swimming pools, encouraging increased outbreaks of algae. Phosphates are, basically, fertilizer and can encourage algal […]

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