THE JOLLY GEL flat pack is particularly useful for on-line retail sales.


Owners of both private and commercial pools have, over the past two decades, ensured the success of Jolly Gel not only in the UK but in many territories across the world. “The reason can only be that – it works,” says MSI’s Logistics Manager Amanda Slade. “The most gratifying point about this product is that […]

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The most important feature of any swimming pool is that the water must be 100% safe at all times, writes Chris Carr, a former president of the Institute Of Swimming Pool Engineers. In order to ensure that this is the case, satisfactory filtration with correct sanitation, monitored by accurate water testing is absolutely essential. Whilst […]

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Celebrations For Quarter Century Of Sales

Celebrations For Quarter Century Of Sales

Having notched up a quarter of a century of successful sales, Jolly Gel, believed to be the world’s widest-selling flocculant, has unveiled a new look to help it boost sales even further for the next 25 years. A new flat pack design enables the pool shop or web site supplier to post Jolly Gel simply […]

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A four-year-old British girl is
recovering in hospital after being sucked
into a spa fi lter at a hotel complex in

Hidden Entrapment Danger Strikes Again

A four-year-old British girl is recovering in hospital after being sucked on to a spa filter at a hotel complex in Bulgaria. The little girl’s mother fought to free her daughter, Isabella, after her bottom became trapped by the vacuum. Thankfully, doctors were able to save Isabella’s life. She is now recovering from severe injuries […]

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UK hot tub suppliers are strongly emphasising that entrapment cases are extremely rare
and the vast majority of UK hot tubs pose no risk

Industry Reassurance on Holiday Hot Tubs

Following an entrapment incident involving a five-year-old British boy while on holiday in South Africa, UK hot tub suppliers are strongly emphasising that such cases are extremely rare and the vast majority of UK hot tubs pose no risk. In April, Sam Leathes was holidaying with his family when he became trapped underwater in the […]

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Salt Chlorinators Gain Momentum

While an estimated 90% of all Australian residential pools and half of new domestic pools in France and North America favour salt water chlorination, take up by the British market is finally showing some progress. Salt chlorination has taken a huge leap since it was first introduced to the market in the late Seventies, and […]

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Family at the swimming pool, sitting on the edge, underwater photo of legs

Water Leisure, On Crest Of A Wave

A successful year for many, 2015 got off to a good start with an extended spring season and the early onset of summer, which put a spring in the step of many water treatment suppliers. Service and maintenance businesses in the residential pool sector were also hard pressed to cope with demand as pool owners […]

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There are estimated to be at least a million pools across Europe
with single main drains. Pic for example purposes only.

Hidden Risk Is Ticking Time Bomb

In July this year, tragedy struck when an 11 year old boy, on holiday with his family in the Dordogne, France drowned in a public pool. The boy’s leg had become trapped by fierce suction from the only main drain. The pool had recently undergone refurbishment. Sadly, it had not been fitted with a second […]

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Boom But Beware Bust

The pool and spa sectors breathed a collective sigh of relief as a combination of warmer and drier weather, together with an improved economic outlook, boosted consumer confidence and corresponding pool and spa sales. Portable hot tubs were the biggest winners of 2014 with across the board reports of sales increases around 20% plus. So […]

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Pride Of The Industry

The UK swimming pool and spa sector celebrated one of its best years in a decade at its annual UK Pool & Spa Awards with the industry reporting an eight per cent increase in business.

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