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OASE, one of the industry’s leading automatic pool cover providers has confirmed full patent rights have been granted for its ground-breaking Lumi-solar range of cover slats. The Lumi-solar® slat is transparent and is equipped with an anti-algae hinge. Only the hinge of the profile is made non-transparent to keep light from the hinge to prevent […]

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ABOVE: International automatic pool cover specialists, the Oase team is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Golden Celebration For Oase Team

When Belgian entrepreneur, Bertrand Claeys, began talking about automatic swimming pool covers some 50 years ago, the swimming pool market thought his ideas were at the very least eccentric, responding with disbelief at such a preposterous notion. Some 50 years on and Oase automated pool covers are installed on an estimated 10,000 pools in 25 […]

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