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Commercial pool operators are offered clear and common sense advice from PWTAG who emphasise the requirement for operational and safety training to be available to all relevant staff. The pool should be cleared of swimmers and 30 minutes later the pool cover pulled into place; thereafter, access to the pool hall restricted to authorised people. […]

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Plastica Focus On Swimming Pool Safety pic 1

Plastica Focus On Swimming Pool Safety

According to The Royal Life Saving Society UK, over 700 people drown in the UK and Ireland every year and many more suffer injury, some life-changing, through non-fatal experiences. More people die from drowning in the UK and Ireland than from domestic fires or cycling accidents. With over 48 years of experience in the pool […]

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ABOVE: A family called on JB Elite Services for its pool upgrade.

Top Priority For Home

Within weeks of moving into their new home, a Birmingham family was keen to really make it their own… starting with updating a tired looking pool. With young children, safety was top priority. But, they didn’t want to compromise on aesthetics. The couple turned to James Chapman of JB Elite Services for advice. The pool […]

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Tragic cases of drowning usually attract headline news.

Raising Awareness of Entrapment Dangers

With the school summer holidays in full swing, a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of some swimming pools is being supported by the distributors of a leading pool safety release system. Every year incidents of so-called ‘entrapment’ – where limbs and other body parts are caught via strong suction from drains at the […]

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Call For Industry-Wide Entrapment Approach

THE INSTITUTE of Swimming Pool Engineers is calling for industry-wide action to raise awareness of the risk of entrapment in swimming pools following the latest in a series of incidents including deaths. Newly elected ISPE President John Cheek is looking to work with the Pool Water Advisory Group (PWTAG) and The Swimming Pool and Allied […]

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There are estimated to be at least a million pools across Europe
with single main drains. Pic for example purposes only.

Hidden Risk Is Ticking Time Bomb

In July this year, tragedy struck when an 11 year old boy, on holiday with his family in the Dordogne, France drowned in a public pool. The boy’s leg had become trapped by fierce suction from the only main drain. The pool had recently undergone refurbishment. Sadly, it had not been fitted with a second […]

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The pool at Greenvale Leisure Centre has been recognised by
PWTAG for its water safety and cleanliness.

First To Receive Poolmark Quality Award

Greenvale Leisure Centre in Northern Ireland has become the first in the UK to receive the prestigious Poolmark award. Operated by Pulse on behalf of Mid Ulster District Council, the leisure centre was presented with the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) Poolmark award, which recognises water safety and cleanliness. The Poolmark certification is an […]

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Both Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council pleaded
guilty to safety breaches following an incident at Stonehaven Open Air Pool.

Councils Fined For Pool Safety Breaches

Two Scottish councils were fined after an incident in which a child was found at the bottom of a local swimming pool. The 11-year-old school boy visited Stonehaven Open Air Pool as part of an educational visit, during which time he became submerged under the water and was recovered unconscious from the bottom of the […]

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UK Drownings Are At A Record Low

The number of accidental drownings in the UK has fallen to its lowest level since records began. There were a total of 338 water-related deaths from accidents or natural causes across the UK in 2014, according to a report published by the National Water Safety Forum (NWSF). That number has fallen from 381 in 2013 […]

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Danger Deep Water

Calls by a coroner for child-resistant barriers around swimming pools to become a legal requirement following the tragic death of a three year old British boy, has sparked an industry-wide safety debate. Jack Rowe drowned in his family’s swimming pool in Wiltshire; it is believed he slipped into the water while he was trying to […]

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