The most important feature of any swimming pool is that the water must be 100% safe at all times, writes Chris Carr, a former president of the Institute Of Swimming Pool Engineers. In order to ensure that this is the case, satisfactory filtration with correct sanitation, monitored by accurate water testing is absolutely essential. Whilst […]

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Commercial Pool & Spa Plant Training

Commercial Pool & Spa Plant Training

Recognising the need for specialist training in the commercial sector, the ISPE has, for a number of years, endorsed the training provided by a small number of companies who offer training in this area. This training is aimed at those swimming pool operators working in hotels, schools, leisure clubs, holiday parks and other commercial facilities. […]

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Following the 2012 London Olympics, Sport England were gifted one of the training pools from the Games to issue the major mechanical parts to a venue that satisfied their needs requirement. The Scarborough Leisure Centre met those needs and were gifted a pool shell, diving head wall, filter vessels, pumps, heating, ultraviolet disinfection and chemical […]

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PWTAG’s members and technical advisers include most specialist organisations with an interest in pool water treatment and pool users.

Change Prompts PWTAG Drive

Three decades on from its inception, Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) is making some important organisational changes. The election of Janice Calvert as Chair and Ralph Riley as Vice Chair at the recent AGM signalled a new emphasis on boosting membership and increasing the independent organisation’s influence in the pool sector. One key to […]

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A Question Of UV Balance

Ultraviolet radiation is a secondary disinfection process, used alongside a primary disinfectant, usually chlorine, in swimming and spa pools. It is recommended by PWTAG, both for its capacity to reduce chloramines and kill microorganisms – including chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium. Its use can reduce the chlorine residual levels necessary to keep pool water healthy. It is important […]

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Get The SPATEX Party Started

Celebrating its 20th anniversary and with the exhibition space sold out some two months early, SPATEX 2016 looks set to be the best ever. Over one hundred companies from the commercial and domestic pool and spa sectors will be exhibiting their latest products and services, encompassing all aspects of water leisure. The exhibition returns to […]

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Good hygiene including pre-swim showering will help combat the
threat of cryptosporidium outbreaks.

Biggest Pool & Spa Threat

Up to a thousand pool and spa users annually suffer the nasty sickness and diarrhoea illness, cryptosporidiosis. Outbreaks occur when the gut-living Cryptosporidium oocysts responsible are not killed by normal disinfectant levels. Just one oocyst can infect, and millions are released if diarrhoea from a sufferer gets into the pool. You firstly guard against Cryptosporidium […]

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The pool at Greenvale Leisure Centre has been recognised by
PWTAG for its water safety and cleanliness.

First To Receive Poolmark Quality Award

Greenvale Leisure Centre in Northern Ireland has become the first in the UK to receive the prestigious Poolmark award. Operated by Pulse on behalf of Mid Ulster District Council, the leisure centre was presented with the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) Poolmark award, which recognises water safety and cleanliness. The Poolmark certification is an […]

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Automatic Pilots

Automatic control has drastically reduced the risks of human error in the UK’s commercial pool sector… It is hard to comprehend how any modern day commercial pool operator could demonstrate responsible ‘duty of care’ if they have not switched to automatic water treatment dosing. A relic of the bygone days being practised by just a […]

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