THE PURIFICATION CYCLE of the Resilience E Natural salt chlorinator continues eliminating the need for added sanitising chemicals.


Plastica not only sells a vast array of water treatment, they also offer a non-chemical approach for those seeking something more natural and environmentally-friendly way to santise their swimming pool. Salt systems will save you money on chemicals, are kinder to skin and eyes – there is just the initial outlay for the kit. The […]

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AN ESTIMATED 90% OF ALL AUSTRALIAN residential pools and half of new domestic pools in France and North America favour saltwater chlorination.


There has never been a better time to trigger the salt chlorination switch…   With news of chlorine shortages impacting on both residential and commercial pools and persistent enquiries for more eco-friendly pool water treatment, now could be the ideal opportunity to add the option of saltwater treatment systems to your customer offering. You could […]

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