SCS WERE CHOSEN to provide the pool shell on this natural swimming pool.


We meet the UK’s leading swimming pool concrete specialists… Being in the building trade from leaving school, David Bland fell into constructing swimming pools immediately after finishing his apprenticeship. Within three years, he had started a swimming pool construction company, with a colleague, that went on to become a prolific pool building team that was […]

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SELF-BUILD PROJECTS can still be pools of home owners’ dreams. Pic All Swim


With established pool builders’ order books full for the majority of 2022, demand continues to outstrip the ability to meet the desire for home swimming pools across the UK. Frustrated by that lack of availability and invariably, also by price, the more ambitious would-be swimming pool owners are taking on the installation themselves. Switched on […]

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HEALTH AND WELLBEING for all ages is an important new focus. Picture – Good Boost


Jane Herbert reports on the conflicting demands for community water space… Commercial pool operators have rarely been under so much pressure. Swim England’s September 2021 report – A Decade of Decline – highlighted the urgent need for investment to combat ageing pool stock. Months of COVID restrictions have led to some facilities not re-opening at […]

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Recotherm have over 30 years’ experience in pool environment control. They cater for a wide range of needs and supply swimming pool ventilation systems to local authorities, hotels, leisure centres, gyms and to private individuals. They offer full fresh air dehumidification with air-to-air renewable heating & cooling • Substantial cooling as standard • Dehumidifcation & […]

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Need Chlorine but don’t want to handle or store hazardous chemicals on-site? Electronic Chlorination Technology assures safe, clean pool water without them! When it comes to water disinfection, safety and reliability are of paramount importance. Gaffey’s Hyprolyser systems are one of the safest, most reliable in-situ generator systems on the market. Manufactured here in the […]

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RaeGuard™ is the new heat retention cover from GeoBubble™ Designed specifically for indoor pools, or for pools that are in use throughout the day, RaeGuard™ enters the market as a cost-effective solution for heat retention, with 90% of the performance of a traditional 5mm foam cover. Find out more at the link below. Geobubble 01424 […]

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INVERX, the latest in heat pump technology. Combining silent operation with a powerful turbo performance. The patented Turbo Silence Tech® control balances the Inverter compressor control and heat exchanger technology. The result? Faster heating, a lower electricity bill and… the sound of silence. -High COP -TUV certified -Silent operation -Wi-Fi connectivity -Boost function -Parts & […]

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Research has shown that an uncovered pool can lose as much as 5˚c heat in 5 hours; installing a Thermo-safe cover can reduce heat loss in the same period to as little as 0.65˚c. Thermo-safe saves on heating costs and reduces chemical usage that would otherwise be lost through evaporation. -Nine different colours options -For […]

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A powerful, energy-efficient and high-performance jet providing the ultimate swimming experience for the modern athlete. The Velocity SwimJet is the next generation in counter-current swimming machines. Designed and manufactured in the UK by HeatForm, Velocity has been created after years of research and development to produce the most powerful and pleasant resistant-swimming experience. HeatForm 01752 […]

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The well-established Jolly Gel brand is Europe’s number one swimming pool flocculent for private & commercial swimming pools. It has been on the market for 25 years and is now own-labelled for stockists in 37 countries worldwide. Jolly Gel is renowned for quickly restoring pool water back to sparkling clear condition. This popular flocculent eliminates […]

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