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It was once said that you can have the most beautifully design award winning pool with top of the range equipment …but if the water is dull, that’s all you will remember. Swimming pool engineers don’t need telling the most important feature of a pool is that the water must be 100% safe and clear […]

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The Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (ISPE) was set up in 1978 to establish an organisation for the individual swimming pool engineer: • To foster a professional approach to the design, installation and maintenance of swimming pools, enclosures and all ancillary equipment • To give recognition to technical skill and ability • To engage in […]

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PPG Invests In Home Grown Training pic 1

PPG Invests In Home Grown Training

Pollet Pool Group UK has pinned its main 2019 marketing colours to the mast with three main goals of training, training and yes, more training. The company hosted several topic-specific education days this spring at its dedicated training room at the company’s new Newbury headquarters. The training is linked with the Institute of Swimming Pool […]

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Rallying Call To Industry

Amid fears that a rival exhibition could strip the core pool and spa industry associations of vital future revenue, water leisure sectors are being urged to back SPATEX, the exhibition that has raised in excess of one million pounds for the industry in its 17 year history.

SPATEX is part of the BSPF umbrella group that includes the member organisations of SPATA and BISHTA. Enjoying a virtually free rein since its inception in 1996, SPATEX, held every February in Brighton, now faces stiff competition from a rival event.

Going head-to-head on timing and on price packages, the organisers of Piscines, Lyon, the world’s largest dedicated water leisure show, will launch an alternative UK pool and spa show to be held at Birmingham’s NEC in January 2013.

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Fire Damage Bill Reaches Quarter Of A Million

The pool store of Grayfox Swimming Pools, of Stow, Lincolnshire, has been completely destroyed in a fire that caused damage estimated at £250,000.

It took the crew of eight fire engines more than four hours to bring the fire under control as flames threatened to spread to the nearby family home.

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Hand In Glove Quality

Up against three lower-priced potential suppliers, Aquatrac was
the cover of choice for an Essex customer who wanted a quality
product at best value rather than lowest price.
The Aqua Ocean model was housed in a purpose-built, below
ground pit with removable stainless steel trays.
Aquatrac worked hand-in-glove with Patten Penguin, the
swimming pool contractor commissioned to build the pool as part
of an exclusive up-market residential development.

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