ABOVE: The Daisy disinfection system results in a safer, more pleasant environment for bathers.

Moving Water Is Safe Water!

All too often, chemicals are blamed for poor water quality when in fact the root cause is, more often than not, insufficient filtration. If a domestic pool owner only runs their pool pump for a few hours a day, they are relying far too much on the disinfectant (e.g. chlorine) in the water to keep […]

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Quality Finish And Five Year Product Warranty

Procopi UK offer a five year, full warranty filtration package on the French-made RTM Filter and the Eurostar II Pump, made in Germany.

Both products are manufactured with the pool professional in mind, offering quality finish through controlled automated production. The RTM comes with a wide 250mm lid push fi t with an easy lockable outer ring and large 50mm lower drain for easy drainage.

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Old Filter Is Perfect For Elephant Play

Of all the functions a Waterco filter tank has to fulfill, a toy for a young elephant is not one that first comes to mind! However, earlier this year an Exotuf filter tank became just that, after Waterco donated the product as a birthday present to a two year old Asian elephant at one of the world’s most popular zoos.

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Waterco Ticks All ISO Boxes

International water treatment and filtration products manufacturer and distributor Waterco Ltd has capped its 30th anniversary with the achievement of the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Issued by Moody International Certification Ltd, ISO 9001:2008 is for corporate and overall operating systems covering the manufacturing and distribution of equipment and all other related  products in the swimming pool, spa, water conditioning, water treatment as […]

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