With revenue from refurbishment projects providing the lifeblood for so many pool contractors, ecoFINISH® is a virtual gift from the gods. A high-performance co-polymer material combination, ecoFINISH® is the world’s first, largest, and fastest growing manufacturer of polymer coatings. Ideal for both residential and commercial pool applications, ecoFINISH® is now operating in 42 countries. This […]

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Polin Waterparks 1

Play For Keeps

Leisure centres, resorts and commercial facilities across the country are reaping the benefits of dedicated water play areas. With the fun factor at the top of visitor wish lists, it is vital for commercial pool operators to continuously not just meet but exceed demands for safe and fun aquatic play. “Commercial facilities are always looking […]

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Natural Strokes

Imagine a swimming pool, and what do you see? A slab of sterile blue water, surrounded by tiles? It doesn’t have to be like that: imagine instead a pool of fresh, clear water, fringed by native plants and visited by dragonflies. The upsurge of interest in natural swimming pools, which I introduced to this country in 2000, has convinced many owners of conventional pools to aspire to a natural one.

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Hi De Hi

Butlin’s has been a part of the British holiday scene for more than 70 years and its pools are a central feature of each resort. But what have they to offer the 21st century holidaymaker? Jan Hurst reports…

Transforming the British holiday experience, the vision of Butlin’s founder, Billy Butlin’s, back in the 1930s, was to provide affordable, fun holidays for British families. The mission statement stays the same but today’s facilities, with multi-million water leisure investments are a world away from the chalet-style accommodation of the original Butlins’ camps.

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Wish You Were Here

Holiday centres across the UK have one feature which appeals to all visitors – swimming pools. But not just any old pools – today’s holiday makers expect nothing short of excitement

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