Ava Danielson and her family are enjoying the water therapy benefits
of a hot tub that was donated by Lakeland Spas.

Family Team Goes The Extra Mile

A Cumbria-based hot tub company has made the dreams of one little girl come true, after donating a hot tub to her and her family. Lakeland Spas were first introduced to six-year-old Ava Danielson after her mother, Julie, called the showroom in search of a cost effective hot tub for her daughter. Julie hoped that […]

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Probably The Most Therapeutic Hot Tub In The World

Designed by Dr David Solanki, clinical director of the Ontario Rehabilitation Institute, the MAAX Collection offers Zone Therapy throughout its prestigious range. Until now, hot tub design has been driven by the idea that the bigger and more numerous the jets, the better. Unfortunately, many hot tub owners realise too late that their hot tub’s […]

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