Bespoke Sauna And Steam Combinations

spaspaspaRegarded as the expert in wellbeing rooms for prestigious residential properties, Dröm UK has designed many stunning bespoke saunas and steam rooms which are often situated side by side for the ultimate bathing experience. Proving that saunas are no longer just a wooden box, there is nothing ordinary about the innovative saunas from Dröm UK. Meeting new standards of aesthetics, functionality and luxury, each room is individually hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen. Every detail, from the feature lighting or integrated music system to the ergonomically designed benches, is carefully considered. The finest quality materials make the sauna stylish and practical inside and out.

Generally, the room is constructed in timber such as Spruce, Aspen, Cedar or Alder, although a feature wall in stone or marble may be incorporated to add a different dimension. The look can be traditional or more modern with frameless glass doors to give a greater feeling of space, while tiled exteriors may be employed to complement the tiling in the bathroom or pool area. For a classic sauna in temperatures of 75-90°C and relative humidity of 20-35%, water is sprinkled over hot stones for a tingling sensation. A more challenging dry sauna, with temperatures up to 95-110°C, creates an almost totally dry atmosphere where perspiring is the only way to cool down. Infra-red panels in saunas add a further important health-enhancing dimension to tackle the effects of rheumatism, tense muscles and other aches and pains. The latest research from Japan shows that people with heart problems who take regular saunas are able to improve their heart function and the amount of exercise they can take.


Helping to rejuvenate and refresh, bespoke steam rooms from Dröm UK are designed to suit all tastes, aspirations and budgets. Steam rooms provide gentle heat and penetrating humidity which is good for the heart and promotes a sense of wellbeing. Relaxing the body, easing muscles and making breathing easier, the steam cleanses every pore, leaving skin soft and smooth.

The experience can be combined with aromatherapy oils for different moods, and chromotherapy where the colour-changing fibre- optic lighting system tints the steam within the room. The team specialises in the design, supply and installation of these beautiful rooms in a variety of sizes with finishes such as colourful glass mosaics, corian, marble, tile or stone. The use of glass creates a unique feeling of space and openness while fully-automatic steam generators are used to provide the perfect bathing experience.

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