MORE THAN 800 KLAFS employees deliver quality wellness solutions from small private sauna rooms to luxurious hotel spas.

Luxury sauna, pool and spa market leader, KLAFS, and renowned thermal wellbeing specialists, Dröm UK, have unveiled their brand new showroom in the heart of Surrey. The impressive Byfleet showroom, already home to a range of luxury saunas, steam baths and thermal rooms, is now equipped with a new collection of KLAFS products, giving KLAFS a significant new base on the doorstep of the British capital.

Pool & Spa SCENE joined over 60 guests who turned out for the grand opening, held in March. The launch was marked by a private drinks reception, industry networking and a series of speeches as well as exclusive tours of the new 1500 sq. ft facility.

The new showroom is now home to a range of KLAFS products, including the saunas S1, Premium, Aura and Matteo Thun, as well as the new steam foam bath ESPURO®. An exclusive offering for commercial and residential clients, the showroom is just one of two locations across the UK where customers can view the premium products, alongside KLAFS’ Cheshire-based showroom in Knutsford.

THE IMPRESSIVE SURREY showroom is now be equipped with a new collection of KLAFS products.

The showroom opening follows the acquisition of Dröm UK by KLAFS in 2023. Founded in 2002, Dröm UK are specialists in the design and installation of luxury, bespoke thermal rooms in the high end residential and commercial sectors. Today, the company offers a large portfolio for ultra bespoke saunas, steam baths and spas in the luxury property sector.

The highly experienced Dröm UK team around Managing Director Barry Smith are now part of the KLAFS Group and operate alongside Guncast Pools & Wellness. Simultaneously, global kitchen and bath leader Kohler completed its acquisition of KLAFS earlier this year. “Klafs has been at the forefront of our industry for nearly seven decades,“ said Barry.

“A company that is always looking to give us something extra, something different, and take wellness to a totally different level. “This has been a great opportunity for ourselves and our clients as we have access to a much bigger range of products,“ he added. Offering everything from DIY sauna to luxury penthouse projects, much of Dröm UK’s work has been with pool companies.

“Pool companies have got the same mentality as Dröm UK have,“ Barry continued. “They want to provide something that is giving them the opportunity to develop homes and families…create memories, products that are enhancing people’s wellbeing“ Gilles Darmon, KLAFS Director – UK, comments: “The inviting showroom in Surrey, now equipped with a huge range of KLAFS products, is the perfect complement to our existing showroom in Cheshire.

This will enable us to strengthen our strategic presence across the UK, advising our clients personally and showcasing the high quality of KLAFS products.” Now part of the KLAFS Group, Dröm UK have evolved over more than 20 years into the bespoke sauna, steam room and spa designer. Services include consultancy, design and project management as well as build and maintenance.

TRENDSETTING KLAFS continuously invests in research and development.

Barry Smith, Managing Director of Dröm UK, comments: “The union of Dröm UK and KLAFS signifies a significant milestone in our journey to elevate the standards of thermal wellbeing in the UK. “This showroom is a testament to our commitment to delivering unparalleled luxury and bespoke solutions in the sauna, pool, and spa sector.

“We’re very excited about welcoming both new and existing clients to the showroom over the coming months, and showing off our range of new products.” Barry adds: “Our values have remained the same throughout, resulting in repeat business and long standing relationships with some of the most recognisable names in architecture, interior design and hospitality, as well as private clients.

“We approach each project as a partnership, ensuring strong communication and a proactive approach to every situation.“ KLAFS has been creating places of relaxation for body and soul since 1928. Time and again, the company manages to surprise with groundbreaking innovations – such as the space-saving sauna KLAFS S1, which transforms from the size of a wall cabinet to a fully functional sauna within 20 seconds at the push of a button.

Thanks to this innovative strength, KLAFS advanced from what was once a small family business to a global industry leader. Today, more than 800 employees work to meet – and exceed – the ever-increasing demands of customers, from small private sauna rooms to luxurious hotel spas.

And they do this all over the world, with expert advice from carefully trained technical consultants and on- site service from experienced teams. As a trendsetter in the sauna, pool and spa industry, KLAFS continuously invests in research and development, for example to further increase the energy efficiency of its products.

For more information, enquiries and appointments, visit dromuk.com, klafs.com, or email info@dromuk.com