Sauna sales are hot news in both pool and spa sectors…

RESPONDING TO DEMAND, pool and spa traders are upscaling their wellness offering. Pic. Guncast/Klafs

Attitudes to health and wellness have changed dramatically since the pandemic. Guests of boutique hotels, luxury spas and members’ clubs now have much higher expectations for wellness facilities; no longer satisfied with simply a spa or even a swimming pool. Offering rest and relaxation is no longer enough; wellness suites need to provide tangible health benefits.

“What end users see in clubs, they invariably want to replicate at home as Gilles Darmon, Director of Klafs UK and Guncast, comments: ”We’re seeing a number of pool and spa traders upgrade their facilities as a direct response to this change in attitudes – not just investing in saunas, but the full range of wellness products, including steam baths, caldariums, mud baths, tepidariums, ice lounges and snow cabins.” Gilles continues: “The key word for 2023 is ‘versatility’.

Clients no longer want just a standard steam room or sauna – they want to maximise the offering for their end-users. “As a result, we are now marketing a wide variety of multipurpose products, including a sauna that is also a sanarium, a steam room that doubles up as a mud room, foam bath or hammam, a sauna that can also offer infrared therapy or microsalt infusion.” In October 2021, the Guncast and Klafs combination opened a new office and showroom in Cheshire – offering the opportunity to extend their luxury wellness brand and services further across the UK.

“Since opening, we are seeing significantly higher conversion rates across the board,” Gilles reveals. “Those who come in and see the products in person and meet our expert team face-to-face are much more likely to convert to a sale than those who we are only speaking to online. “The one thing we always tell our team is that you are not selling a product, you are selling an experience, and a lifestyle. “For us, the return on investment speaks for itself.” With Klafs firmly placed at the top of an impressive wellness tree, pool and spa retailers are now spoilt for choice with an array of quality product all deserving of showroom space.

SUPERIOR IS REPORTING STRONG pre-ordering for its new line of saunas.

Part of the giant PoolCorp group, SCP devotes a significant proportion of its 2023 price list to wellness and all things sauna, with interior and exterior options and an array of accessories. Introduced this year by Superior Wellness, Hekla saunas are new to the market with a choice of barrel and cube saunas. The saunas have been inspired by nature using Baltic sauna traditions and have been built with natural materials in a sustainable way. Gareth Ward, Sales Director at Superior Wellness says: “We are delighted to launch Hekla Saunas and they are already proving to be popular with pre-orders.

“It is important that we built the saunas using natural materials with sustainable practices. “It is also a great combination to have a sauna alongside a hot tub. Our purpose is to improve wellness for all.” Gareth Ward advises: “There are two options for heating for each sauna including an electric heater and a wood burning stove. We recommend using Narvi for both heating options. All Narvi products are ‘key flag’ products, meaning they are designed and made in Finland.”

Superior’s Hekla saunas have been designed to improve wellness, encourage relaxation, spend quality time with loved ones and lead happier, healthier and more tranquil lives. The wood material is certified Nordic Spruce which is sourced from Northern European forests and grown with sustainable practices. With the huge glass panel window, users can enjoy stargazing the night sky, watching the sunset or rise or simply enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s the perfect getaway for me time or to relax with friends and family.

CERTIKIN HAS PINNED its significant wellness flag to the Princeton barrel sauna.

Not to be overlooked, Almost Heaven Saunas have been building easy-to-assemble saunas in the Finnish tradition for over 40 years and their range of barrel saunas are now available in the UK. Now part of the Harvia Group, one of the world’s leading sauna brands, the saunas come complete with the latest Harvia equipment. A great addition to any home, the circular design of a barrel sauna eliminates unused air space allowing them to heat up quickly and evenly, making them hugely efficient.

The solid wood construction is built to last and allows the Finnish sauna experience to be brought to any location the sauna is installed. Available from Certikin, the Spectrum small is a two-person infrared cabin designed with a contemporary feel in mind. The modern exterior complements the hemlock interior, and you will experience luxury inside with the extra-large carbon crystal heater panels.

Seven heating panels will heat your body from within using infrared rays, which are low on the EMF scale. You can dim the lights or change their colour, listen to your favourite music using the Bluetooth speakers, or simply relax against the ergonomic backrest. Adjust the temperature, time, and more with the digital control panel.

SCP UK devotes a significant proportion of its 2023 price list to wellness and all things sauna

World-renowned manufacturer Tylö has been producing saunas and steam rooms for over 70 years, and has created an unrivalled reputation for craftmanship, quality and Scandanavian style. As the UK importer for Tylö saunas and steam rooms, wet leisure distributor Golden Coast shares a passion for providing exceptional products that support health and wellness. None is more popular than the Tylö Harmony sauna. Each one is unique and is created bespoke to a customer’s requirements.

Owners can choose from a range of sizes, shapes, wood panelling options, interior fittings, doors, lights, accessories and much more. “Whether the sauna is for domestic or commercial use, we can support the trade in delivering high-end Tylö Harmony saunas that their customers will love,” says Erik Söderlund, Technical Sales at Golden Coast. “The beauty of a Harmony sauna is that each one is different and designed specifically for every customer to ensure that their sauna meets their requirements, fits with their desired aesthetic, and is suitable for their space.”

Golden Coast also provides the extensive range of energy-efficient Tylö Sense heaters for domestic and commercial saunas, as well as Tylö control panels packed with advanced features for easy operation of lighting and temperature. To help customers and trade suppliers get an idea for how their sauna might look, Golden Coast offers an online configurator (dindrombastu. tylohelo.com).

GOLDEN COAST have been supplying Tylö commercial and domestic saunas and steam rooms for more than 30 years.

Once the required width, depth and height of the sauna has been specified, customers gain detailed 3D plans that bring their vision to life, allowing them to make informed decisions about their installation. Alternatively, why not enhance the sauna experience with Tylö infrared rooms. Over recent years demand for infrared has increased, often for the health-related benefits it offers.

Available in four layout options, Tylö infrared rooms are designed to provide a different kind of experience, delivering heat directly to the individual through low radiation panels. Employing the state-of-the- art technology, electromagnetic radiation heats the infrared cabin safely, effectively and almost instantly. Importantly, it spreads the heat evenly, supporting detoxification throughout the body.

Adam Clark, General Manager at Golden Coast adds: “We have been supplying Tylö commercial and domestic saunas and steam rooms for more than 30 years. “Our partnership has been driven by a passion for market innovation, and tools such as the online sauna configurator are a prime example of how we make it easy and efficient for customers to get the products that are right for them, whilst supporting local distributors in maximising their business.”

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