Floating Lounge Offers Many Benefits

One of the newest variations on wellness is the floating lounge that incorporates the multi-facets of hydro massage.

FloatingLounge is a brand new concept combining sport, healthcare and relaxation in a single apparatus.

With its jets and design, Floating Lounge offers a wide range of activities: gym exercises, massages, swimming, stretching and relaxing floating.

Ideal for hotel-spas, physiotherapists, fitness and rehabilitation centres, thermal resorts and spas and public or private swimming pools, the Floating Lounge offers a multitude of benefits:
• Toning skin
• Weight loss
• Boosting immune systems
• Detoxing
• Improving circulation
• Stimulating nervous systems
• Boosting metabolic rates
• Strengthening bones and muscles
• Destressing
• Hydro massage
• Individual programming of the level and duration of each massage zone or swimming session makes this a bespoke work out suitable for people recovering from injury, the elderly and the overweight.

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