Futuristic Design For Modern Sauna

Above: Visitors to the Hotel Arts in Barcelona can relax in this Klafs, Finnish-style panorama sauna above the harbour – enjoying a great view and wellbeing in an artistically superior surrounding.


What could be more suitable than a sauna at spring time? Taking a sauna benefits your figure and your wellbeing. It stimulates the metabolism so that the body can clean up and remove the toxins while the higher temperatures stimulate blood
flow and circulation. In the cooling down phase, the blood vessels in the skin and the subcutaneous tissue narrow so as not to lose any heat.
Anyone who regularly takes a sauna twice a week also thoroughly cleans out winter toxins, cleansing the immune system
and chasing away winter lethargy to make way for the spring. A sauna is not only there to make you sweat; the sauna
addresses all of your senses, bringing body and soul in harmony, delivering deep and holistic relaxation.

A sauna experience should also be soothing on the eye, as nowadays design and function are given equal attention in the
creation of both the exterior and the interior. Over the years, traditional sauna culture has seen a transformation from basic box-shaped cabins into superbly designed spaces offering both artistic flair and architectural excellence.
Increasingly, bespoke saunas are perfectly formed design gems crafted from high quality wood and glass elements that allow the
sauna bather to completely relax into their immediate surroundings.

For decades, one of the undisputed international market leader in the spa sector has been the Klafs brand. Renowned not only for the quality of its manufacture, Klaf also sets the standard for outstanding design, offering individual tailoring both in the residential and commercial fields.


Above: A wave-shaped design and water-coloured mosaics, as well as the large glass front, create a flowing combination between the Finnish sauna and the surrounding seascape in this outstanding Klafs project.

For many years, design excellence in the area of spa and wellness has carried great significance for the Klafs, relying on the creative talents of the designing pair of Henssler and Schultheiss from a very early stage. Significant achievements include the sauna creation Ventano, which was the second Klafs sauna to be awarded the ‘red dot’ design award and was also nominated for
the most prestigious German 2009 Design Prize.

The Ventano’s glass fronts provide a limitless view while the interior is equipped with the highest quality: particularly wide reclining surfaces and lights that are installed behind the backrests conveying a feeling of exclusive wellness comfort.

The sophistication of the interior is completed with a heatresistant sound system, individually adjustable reading lamps and
mental relaxation objects such as the Bellaveda light box or the restorative Aquaviva feature.
Cosy warmth and modern design in complete harmony with each other, the high-quality design elements and modular
combination possibilities of a Klafs sauna allow the stylish design of every spa area. This is ensured by the clear, refined expression of form, the best processing of wood and glass, and certified, high-quality materials.

Klafs presents some outstanding examples of international design competence in both the private and commercial areas in Europe’s most exclusive hotels, and also internationally: whether high above sea level, as in Hotel Arts, Barcelona, or in the midst
of the Austrian or Swiss mountain scenery, such as in Hotel Hinteregger in Matrei or the Cresta Palace in Celerina – from the
glass sauna door to complete frontal glazing – a sauna session with Klafs in aesthetic surroundings becomes a wellness experience for all of the senses.


Above: Large-scale glass fronts give the Klafs sauna a very individual, exclusive touch in this private wellness oasis.

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