golden coast 1Over the last few years it has worked closely with leading distributor Golden Coast and an extremely tight relationship has built between the two companies. A stockist of premium brands, Barnsley Hot Tubs felt the TylöHelo range of Swedish saunas and steam rooms — exclusive to Golden Coast in the UK — would be an ideal complement to their existing high-end products. The support from Golden Coast helped them to really push the brand.

Director of Barnsley Hot Tubs, Shaun Pickles, was hugely inspired by a trip to the TylöHelo factory in late 2018. “We’d been working with Golden Coast for a while, always getting bits and pieces from them. Erik, our main contact there, mentioned to us about the fantastic quality of the TylöHelo range and we ended up getting an ex-display unit for the showroom. That’s what started it off.” Golden Coast often takes customers on trips to visit manufacturers across Europe.This affords them a much more in-depth look at key products such as pool covers from Del in France or counter currents and pumps from Germany’s Speck. The hands-on element of the trip was something that really helped Shaun to get more insight, see how everything is made, and get an appreciation for the work that goes into every one of their products.

It highlighted the brand’s strengths, such as TylöHelo being the only sauna manufacturer in the world to make their own heater elements. It wasn’t just the product side of the trip that helped Barnsley Hot Tubs, it was also a chance to forge a stronger working relationship between the companies. With this greater product knowledge and understanding, Barnsley Hot Tubs has seen an increase in recent months of enquiries and sales for the TylöHelo range. Over the winter the company will be opening a new showroom which will feature the Panacea Twin, a combination unit that marries TylöHelo’s Panacea steam room with the modular Harmony sauna.

The quality of the range and the support available has made a big impression on Shaun: “I think it says a lot about the products that we’ve been getting people ringing us up about units that are 10–15 years old and only now starting to have any issues. If there’s any questions we get that are a bit above our knowledge we pass it on to Golden Coast, and if they don’t know they can pass it straight on to the factory. So through Golden Coast we’ve actually got a direct link to the manufacturer. “And they’re always very, very efficient with getting back to us with quotes and figures or solutions to issues and problems, as well as anything else we need. Having that personal relationship makes such a difference.” Jamie Adams, Managing Director of Golden Coast said: “We build our business on our exceptional support, and forging those close ties means everyone works better together.

When you go that extra level where everyone knows exactly how the other works it makes all our jobs so much easier.” As Shaun concludes: “I think spending time developing those interpersonal relationships between yourself and customers is really good. The relationship is very healthy, very productive; it’s paid off for us, paid off for Golden Coast, and it’s paid off for TylöHelo.”

For more information on Golden Coast products, you can contact a member of the sales team on 01271 378100, email or visit

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