KLAFS UK are launching a brand new office and showroom in Manchester.
KLAFS UK are launching a brand new office and showroom in Manchester.

Klafs report triple sales growth…
With the Covid-19 pandemic proving to be a catalyst for growth in the self-care industry, wellness has never been so much at the forefront of consumers’ minds.
Contributing to this surge, KLAFS UK, the world-leading wellness supplier, has experienced a trebling in projects from 2020 to 2021, as private clients, developers and hoteliers alike seek to invest in the full spa experience.
Established in Germany in 1928, KLAFS is renowned for its premium range of specialist spa facilities, from saunas, steam rooms and ice lounges to caldariums, tepidariums and hammams. In 2016, KLAFS partnered with luxury swimming pool specialist Guncast to bring its quality products to the UK, with three regional offices located across the country.

Gilles Darmon, Director of KLAFS UK, comments: “Wellness is of course not new to the British public, however it has never been so high up the priority list as it is now.
“Over the past year and a half, our country has become even more health centric.
“Following the lead of our European neighbours, regular sauna use is becoming increasingly recognised for its ability to strengthen immune systems and improve circulation, so having access to some of the best facilities through nearby hotels and leisure centres is definitely a priority for many,” continues Gilles.
“Coupled with the mental relaxation and escapism of sauna use, there’s few better solutions for improving well-being.”
Demand has increased so substantially that KLAFS UK are launching a brand new office and showroom in Manchester this autumn, which will allow them to manage the increased demand across the North-West and Midlands.
Gilles again: “After 18 months where the hospitality industry has been severely restricted, we are now witnessing a catch-up period as the industry invests in improving their own facilities.
“Whilst before, the promise of a pool and sauna might have been enough to draw visitors, the wellness bar has been raised substantially.
“The full guest experience must now be considered, from the thermal journey of heat and cold, to the sound and scent of a space,” Gilles emphasises.
“We’re often best placed to consult on this, thanks to offering the full range of wellness products in-house, so we understand how each product interacts with one another and what experience this gives the end user.”
The personal side to wellness has become more important than ever, as reflected in the rise in at-home facilities. However, hotels and high-end residential developers are loathe to be left behind.

Thanks to the new KLAFS Sauna S1, a personal spa experience in every suite or room is now a possibility. This innovative sauna is the first in the world that can retract at the touch of a button – just like a zoom lens on a camera. When retracted, the Sauna S1 is a svelte 60 cm and no deeper than the average closet. When extended, the Sauna S1’s 1.60 m depth offers plenty of room to enjoy a relaxing sauna. The perfect solution for a hotel room or apartment where space is naturally at a premium, the Sauna S1 gives consumers the flexibility to do wellness their way.
Another innovative product in the KLAFS UK range is the Sanarium with SaunaPUR, which turns five saunas into one. The humidity and temperature are automatically adjusted to create five different climate zones within the same cabin: a traditional sauna, a warm air bath, a tropical bath, an aroma bath and a soft steam bath. With SaunaPUR, bathers can enjoy an authentic, traditional Finnish relaxation with no electromagnetic radiation or noise from the heater to disturb the experience.
Another ground-breaking product is the SaltProX, the first Microsalt device designed for private clients to use in their own home. The SaltProX produces a very fine salt that, when inhaled, has powerful anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. This is particularly good for those who suffer from hay fever or asthma, frequent colds, sinusitis and many other respiratory conditions.
Sustainability is at the core of KLAFS UK products, sourcing materials responsibly and ensuring all wood conforms to ecological, social and economical standards.
For the most eco-minded clients, KLAFS GREEN SAUNA package can be added to any sauna, lowering electrical use by over 40% with each use, whilst producing the same amount of heat.
(*) KLAFS UK is part of Guncast, a business established in the 1970s with an unrivalled reputation and expertise in the design and installation of luxury swimming pools.

To find out more about KLAFS UK, visit: https://www.klafs-uk.com/