Companies Amalgamate Under Water Play Umbrella

Country Leisure
Water play specialists, Country Leisure Fibreglass has been formed through the amalgamation of Loyal Grove Leisure and Country Leisure

Loyal Grove Leisure and Country Leisure (GRP) Ltd are now trading as one company namely Country Leisure Fibreglass Ltd from its manufacturing plant at Cholderton near Salisbury in Wiltshire.

Originally founded in 1991 to satisfy the early demand for flume attractions in the UK, flume and water slide specialists Loyal Grove Leisure had historically purchased its fibreglass products from Country Leisure (GRP) Ltd. Head of the water slide division, Matt Clark predicts the amalgamation of the two companies will not only bring together a wealth of experience and skill sets but also make them more competitive as they can now supply direct from the new company as manufacturers.

Country Leisure has been producing high quality GRP mouldings since 1985 for the leisure industry worldwide which includes water slides, flumes, play features and swimming pool mouldings to name a few. The company has been exporting for 29 years and has supplied goods to more than 50 different countries; current contracts are with France, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Germany and China.

During the last month the company has secured enough orders to last for the next nine months, keeping all the staff employed and will be recruiting additional staff very soon.

Country Leisure Fibreglass Ltd
Tel. +44 (0)1980 629555